Identity monitoring : Fraud Alerts on your Credit / Debit cards / Drivers Licence & Other IDs- Free & Effective

Have you been looking for worry free identity monitoring which not only monitors your credit cards but also monitors your debit cards, drivers licence, passport and more? And of course not pay a dime? Before you choose your ID protection, make sure you understand how these work.

Credit /Debit Card transactions, all have to go through a standard entity which checks for validity of the cards. If there was a way to make sure that only you are able to use your card then there would be no need for extra protection. Unfortunately because of the nature of the digital transactions, it is very easy for criminals to replicate, duplicate and authorize payments on your card. Criminals can also steal your cards electronically 3 feet away from you, using devices which scan and capture credit cards.

The same applies to your drivers licence, passport and other ID cards which provide you access to doors and buildings.

Looking to sign up quick? 
To Sign up go to Identity Theft Protection or you can enter the following on your web browser:

So how do one keep a check on their important cards? We found most companies are providing such protections, some are providing you credit card related monitoring and some with medical identity and a few that provide you with everything for a premium charge. Another important aspect of Identity protection after monitoring is resolution. Helping you, the victim, in resolving the issue.

So does Identity Theft protection and Identity Monitoring mean spending money on protection for your peace of mind?

For some the answer would be yes, and for some may be ‘not sure’ or ‘cannot afford’.

Whatever your answer is, you will be pleased to know that there are options available for free. A premium service provided by your very own financial institutions that keep your money or provide other services. One such institution is MasterCard.

We found Mastercard® ID Theft ProtectionTM , the best value and here is why:

  • It  is free to signup, all you need is a mastercard
  • You can add all your credit cards regardless of the type (VISA, Amex, etc) for monitoring
  • It also lets you add your state issued drivers licence.
  • It monitors your email address on the internet to see of you are involved in any breaches, hacks where your email address was exposed.
  • It also lets you add store cards, medical ID etc.
  • Last but not the least, it provides you with a phone number you can call to report and get help with resolution.

How does Mastercard® ID Theft ProtectionTM do this?

Mastercard has partnered with CSID, an industry leader in identity protection and fraud detection, to help keep your information safe. Mastercard is the only payment brand that provides its U.S. cardholders with services – at no extra cost – to help detect and resolve identity theft.

How to Signup?

Make sure you have a Mastercard®  and all you will need is the first 6 digits to sign up for a account. Once you create an account, you can then start adding your cards. All of your information is encrypted and saved.

To Sign up go to Identity Theft Protection or you can enter the following on your web browser:

So what are you waiting for?

Help safeguard your personal information online at no extra cost with Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™. Simply visit and enter the first 6 digits of your MasterCard to get started.

Image Attribution Copyright: jirsak / 123RF Stock Photo
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