This is a dedicated page for any ongoing Ransomware Attacks In Progress the world which you need to be aware. This is updated frequently. Please check back for updated news and information.

What is Ransomware? 
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Ransomware Attacks In Progress:

Barracuda Advanced Technology Group says it’s monitoring and tracking a ransomware threat that has so far spawned about 20 million phishing emails sent to unsuspecting users around the world in in the last 24 hours and the threat is growing. Below is the excerpts from Article URL: 

Update 9/19/17 6:30pm PST:  Barracuda researchers have confirmed that this attack is using a Locky variant with a single identifier.  The identifier allows the attacker to identify the victim so that when the victim pays the ransom, the attacker can send that victim the decryptor.  In this attack, all victims get the same identifier, which means that victims who pay the ransom will not get a decryptor because it will be impossible for the criminal to identify them.

This attack is also checking the victim computer language files, which may lead to an internationalized version of this attack in the future.

Barracuda systems have now blocked about 27 million of these emails, and the attack is continuing at the same pace as it has been throughout the campaign.

These attacks are wrapped in either a ‘Herbalife’ branded email or a generic email that impersonates a ‘copier’ file delivery:

These attacks have been morphing throughout the day, but they all use fake source email addresses.  The earliest examples came from Vietnam and Greece.

A third variant has appeared in the last couple of hours, which uses the subject line “Emailing – <attachment name>.

All attachments in this attack are demonstrating ransomware specific behavior.  We are currently analyzing the sample to determine which variant is being used.  This blog will be updated when we have more information.

Quoted Article: 

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